Note to teachers: After twenty-five years of doing them, I have retired from making school visits. However, I still answer all snail and e-mail from my readers. And I am also willing to do conference calls or online chats with your students and I am on SKYPE if that will help. I can be reached at If I am in your neighborhood for a conference or signing or storytelling presentation, I hope you will stop by and visit for a while.

Jane’s Calendar:



  • September 6 — home from Scotland
  • September 12 — Amherst MA Moon Book Party Carle Museum 6-8 Amherst MA
  • September 14 — Princeton, NJ Children’s Book Festival, Heidi and Jane signing
  • September  17 — Boston Statehouse Mass Center for Book, Awards Ceremony
  • September 18 — Northampton MA Forbes Library  reading


  • October 5 — Chappaqua, NY Children’s Book Festival, Heidi and Jane signing
  • October 6 — Conway. MA Fall festival Heidi and Jane signing
  • October 12-13 — New Orleans signing in ILA conference, for Easy Readers School of Fish books 1 and 2
  • October 16 — Manhattanville College with the OWL MOON creators
  • October 24 — Boston, MA Elder teaching in Boston area, Heidi and Jane


  • November 1-4 — Rochester, NY Rochester Children’s Book Festival
  • November 14-17 — Honesdale PA Picture Book Boot Camp. Highlights,  Heidi and Jane teaching
  • November 21-23: Baltimore, MY NCTE  Jane and Heidi



March 13-15 — Southern Breeze SCBWI