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How Do Dinosaurs Choose Their Pets

I think this is the funniest of the Dino-Sty books, because the basic premise is so absurd as Dinos bring home tigers, etc from the zoo. And Mark Teague has gone all wild and crazy with the art.

How Do Dinosaurs Stay Friends

The umpty dozenth book in the series was one suggested by the editor. My mind had gone on walkabout, so we brainstormed ideas. But once I knew a direction, the rhyme began to flow. And boy was I glad it did! I remembered all those school days when friends got mad and did bad things, said bad things, and then

Cover of How Do Dinosaurs Stay Safe by Jane Yolen

How Do Dinosaurs Stay Safe

Those dinos, they keep on going. And this one began because the editor asked for it. I made a dozen wrong tries until I got it right. She and I made lists of possible scenarios. And only then did I manage to get it right. Mark Teague’s pictures do indeed steal the show, and it seems nothing is going to

Cover of How Do Dinosaurs Say I'm Mad by Jane Yolen

How Do Dinosaurs Say I’m Mad

This How Do Dinos book was the editor’s idea, but I took to it with gusto–as did illustrator Mark Teague. How many times have those of us with children (or who are next door to neighbors’ children) seen toddlers through five-year-olds have massive meltdowns? All of us! And who could