Sometimes my Muse has the attention span of a two-year old. The only way to treat her (without having her go into a full-blown temper tantrum– aka writer’s block) is to distract her. It’s the same thing you do with said two year old.

So I try 1. chocolate  2. a long walk   3. tea with old friends   4. a favorite movie  5. or (more usually) by turning to a different project altogether.

At that point (again, like the two year old) she looks up, sees me doing something else which is much more interesting than her current tantrum, comes over to get a closer look, and before you know it, she and I are playing “Trot Trot to Boston” on my knee, or dancing around the room, or snuggling together while reading a special book or. . .by writing. Maybe not on that old blocked project, but on something else truly wonderful, the words just flowing, flowing, flowing.