Wednesday Q & J: November 29, 2023

Q: You were the second person to join SCBWI. You are still involved (even though you retired from the board). Why is this organization so important and why do you think it’s important for new writers to join?
Q: It is not enough to just write a book, you need to understand how professional writers write, what is going on in the publishing world, how to find an agent, etc. There are a lot of sand traps out there. SCBWI is a place to learn the business and busy-nessess of being a professional writer. There are many places jut to learn writing. But SCBWI is the place to learn about becoming a lifelong writer and member of a thriving, always interesting, and changing community. I never get tired of SCBW, its members, its leaders (past and present) and many of my best-selling books came about from people I met at the conferences, workshops, and group meetings.
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