Wednesday Q & J: August 9, 2023

Q:  How do you concentrate on just one thing while you’re writing?

J: Hahaha–I don’t. I write on something until it is done or I am done, then turn to something else.  This may not be a a great way to work for all people, but it seems to work for me.

Follow Up Q: So what are you working on now? And, how do you balance all the things?

J: I have just finished a long project (several years on and off and on)–a verse novel called The Poacher’s Girl, a very strange retelling of Sleeping Beauty. Have also been working on a bunch of poems (I send out a poem a day so tend to write 4-6 at a time). And I have also been looking at other old pieces to see if I am ready to rewrite them. Every once in a while I get really involved in one of those old pieces.  The Poacher’s Girl was like that.