Wednesday Q & J: September 20, 2023

Q: From Kaden (14 years old) A while ago I read the first book of the pit dragon trilogy. There are four books in that series so I know you ended up writing one more than you intended. Are you planning on writing a fifth book? I would love to know!


J: Thanks for asking Kaden!

Since it took me twenty years from the time I wrote the third book before I wrote the fourth, to end the Pit Dragon series, and I am 84 now, I seriously doubt there will be a fifth. Even though I am still writing, I am not writing really long books, like the Pit Dragons.

If I decided to write a fifth, I would first have to re-read all four and take serious notes and that would take several months right there. And the writing… probably another year or more. And by then I would be closing in on 90 years old.

Maybe one of my kids will do it. They are all writers … But, definitely not me.


Note from Heidi: Be careful with absolutes, JY… Never say never.