Cover of Merbaby's Baby by Jane Yolen

Merbaby’s Baby

Illustrated by Elizabeth Dulemba
Little Simon (June 25, 2019)
ISBN-10: 1534443177
ISBN-13: 978-1534443174

This board book began years ago as a poem in a collection called DRAGON NIGHT & OTHER LULLABIES. From there it became a song with music by Lui Collins, a wonderful folk singing friend of mine with who I’d written many songs both for children and adults.  (We eventually started a band together with other friends I’d written for–when I was 76!!! And I am still part of it as I ride serenely–well I am making that part up–into my 80’s.)

But I was thinking about doing a series of board books under the title WATER BABIES and showed the manuscript of about seven of them to my friend and board book specialist Jeff Salane at Simon & Schuster. And he said that he felt MERBABY was a stand-alone board book and he adored Elizabeth’s art work–as do I– and so we spun that one off.

Now I have written two other MERBABY books which Jeff is considering. The thing about being a long-time professional author is that I know how to change with the publishing tides and ride the waves. Hahaha–a metaphor Merbaby would love and understand.