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Cover of Knowing the Name of a Bird by Jane Yolen

Knowing the Name of a Bird

Creative Editions; Illustrated edition (August 18, 2020) Illustrated by Jori van der Linde ISBN-10: 1568463499 ISBN-13: 978-1568463490 This began as an interesting quote I read in a birding magazine, moved on to a poem (I write a poem a day and send them out to over 1,000 subscribers) and at last-with some additions and fiddling– …

Cover of Arch of Bones by Jane Yolen

Arch of Bone

Tachyon Publications (November 9, 2021) Illustrated by Ruth Sanderson ISBN-10: 1616963506 ISBN-13: 978-1616963507 So, twenty years or so ago, I had an idea to write a kind of middle grade sequel to MOBY DICK in which a fourteen year old boy in 1860s Nantucket hears a knock on the door early in the morning. His …

Cover of When Nana Dances by Jane Yolen and Maddison Stemple-Piatt

When Nana Dances

Magination Press (November 2, 2021) with Maddison Stemple-Piatt Illustrated by Priscilla Burris ISBN-10: 143383684X ISBN-13: 978-1433836848 Written with my ten year old granddaughter, Maddison Stemple-Piatt, and sold ten plus years later. (She is now in law school!) And the publishing company who bought it–Magination Press–hadn’t been running yet in its current form. Both Maddison and …

Cover of How Do DInosaurs Say Goodbye by Jane Yolen

How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodbye

Scholastic Press (September 28, 2021) Illustrated by Mark Teague ISBN-10: 1338363352 ISBN-13: 978-1338363357 Originally written when my editor Bonnie Verberg (who started the Dino-sty as I call it) was let go by Scholastic. It was to be the last book in a multi-million copy world-wide series of picture books. My granddaughter Maddison, then age 24 …

Cover of Eeny Up Above by Jane Yolen

Eeny Up Above

Crocodile Books (November 2, 2021) Illustrated by Kathryn Brown ISBN-10: 1623718651 ISBN-13: 978-1623718657 After the first book came out–Eeny Meeny Miney Mole from HAacourt, the company itself changed hands. Editors (including mine) left, and no one wanted the second book. But years later, (20 Years maybe?) it has found a new home. The two books …

Cover of Kaddish by Jane Yolen

Kaddish: Before the Holocaust and After

Holy Cow! Press (October 12, 2021) ISBN-10: 0998601098 ISBN-13: 978- 0998601090 I write a poem a day and send them to subscribers for free, though once a month subscribers are supposed to either purchase a book or reread one of mine they already have, or borrow a book of mine from the library. Been doing …

Showing Up

I have talked about “showing up” before. But here are some further–though rather scrambled–thoughts about it. Being a writer–or any kind of artist–is essential a selfish activity. Note I don’t, as far too many people do, call it a “lonely” job. Maybe an alone job, but lonely? Not when I am surrounded by my invisible …

Cover of Rum Pum Pum by Jane Yolen

Rum Pum Pum

So, David L. Harrison was posting on his personal web page about how when his son (now in his 60s I believe) was a boy, David had always promised to write him a story about a lonely tiger, but never did. And so I wrote back (also on David’s site) the beginning of the story set in India and after we had this open to the public several pages going on, I said: “Think it’s time to take this offline and really go for it.”

Bear Outside

Bear Outside turned out to be my first ever book with the famed editor Neal Porter and my (accidentally) 400th book. It has an interesting backstory. About five years before I wrote and sold A BEAR OUTSIDE, I had been helping one of my editors find an illustrator for a different bear book of mine.