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Kiki Kicks

KIKKI KICKS is my  first book with grandchild Ari Stemple who also writes poetry, stories, comic books, song lyrics (and music). 

The poem is mine, celebrating the martial arts, but the story itself was written by Ari and me, re-calling Ari’s trials when they were badly bullied in school…

The Last Robot Short-Listed for the Elgin Award

From the publisher: We’re delighted to announce that The Last Robot, our chapbook collection of Jane Yolen’s science fiction poetry, has been nominated for the Elgin Awards. Many congratulations to Jane Yolen, and to Russell Jones who edited the collection. The Last Robot is amongst some fine company, as you can see in the List of Nominations for the …

The Horseback Librarians

I first read about the horseback librarians in a newspaper article, and carried the idea for a long while in my heart. Then a picture book came out about them for children and I set the idea aside. It took me another ten or more years before I tried my own version, following a single (made up)  librarian and giving a paragraph footnote at the books’ end about the real Appalachian horseback librarians

What to do with a Stick

What to Do with A Stick is the third book in a series of picture books, after What To Do With A Book, and What to Do with a String. Each book has a different illustrator and is in rhyme. Great for reading aloud to a child, stretches the imagination, and I had a wonderful time writing them.

New Feature: Q and A with Jane

Hello Readers! Heidi here! Every Wednesday, I’ll be asking JY a question (two if they are short). The questions might involve advice for writers, fun facts for students, or just reminiscing about a career that has spanned more than 60 years in the publishing world. Every time we teach together, I hear people whisper about …