Smout and the Lighthouse

with John Patrick Pazdziora
Illustrated by Lyndsay Roberts Rayne
Albert Whitman & Company (September 7, 2023)
ISBN: 0807574848
ISBN-13: 978-0807574843

Smout and the Lighthouse is a story about the wonderful writer Robert Louis Stevenson as a boy. His entire family created lighthouses up and down the Scottish Coast and elsewhere. They were known as The Lighthouse Stevensons. But even as a boy, Smout (his Nanny’s pet name for him) wanted to be something different when he grew up—a writer. As he indeed became, writing Treasure Island and Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Hyde among many other books, plus short stories, memoirs, and journalistic pieces. This book is written with Stevenson scholar, John Patrick Pazdziora,and is about Smout’s first trip to look at lighthouses with his father.