Wednesday Q & J: November 8, 2023

Q: You cannot stop raving about how beautiful the art by Paolo Domeniconi for your new book TEA WITH AN OLD GIANT is. What’s it like when you first see art for a picture book? This one, but also, just in general?
J: I am a great lover of art and artists. I began the Western Massachusetts  Illustrators Guild WMIG (go look it up!), I love to go to museums of art, and art shows. But I cannot–alas–draw. Some children’s book illustrators are my best friends. And I still cannot draw!  But I can write books that are illustrated by great artists and if I can….I will buy a piece of the original art. (Note: these days much of the art is digital so there is no such thing s an original piece.)  if you come and visit me, be warned– the walls of my house are full of children’s book art.