What to do with a Stick

Illustrated by Paolo Domeniconi
Creative Editions (March 14, 2023)

ISBN 10: #568463650
ISBN 13: 1568463650

What to Do with A Stick is the third book in a series of picture books, after What To Do With A Book, and What to Do with a String. Each book has a different illustrator and is in rhyme. Great for reading aloud to a child, stretches the imagination, and I had a wonderful time writing them.

What reviewers have said:

  • “Yolen’s rhyming meter is flawless and begs for the story to be read aloud, which is the best way to share a book with a child. Like a favorite song, you may even find yourself reciting certain lines to one another… Fighting a dragon, anchoring a boat, fishing—each image imparts the magic of youth that Yolen’s words are meant to portray. What to Do with a Stick is a book your children will enjoy looking through even when they can’t read. This will only make it more enjoyable when they start putting the rhyming words together themselves.” — NY Journal of Books
  • “Stick with this story—it’s a winner…a love letter to both creativity and the childhood exuberance of imaginative play…Readers, both solo and in large groups, will love the rhymes, the big, bold illustrative choices, and the message that imagination is the best playmate of them all.” — Kirkus Reviews

The What to Do books: