Cover of Dragon Night and Other Lullabies by Jane Yolen

Dragon Night and Other Lullabies

A collection of night-time poems, with lovely ink drawings by Demi, this book went out of print almost as soon as it was published because Methuen in the USA went out of business with that list. However, the book was published in England as well. And most of the poems have seen multiple printings, in anthologies by Prelutsky and X. J. Kennedy among others, and in many textbooks as well. In fact two of my most reprinted poems — “Grandfather Bear’s Lullaby” and “Mother Cat’s Purr” were first published in this little book.


  • “Mermaid’s Lullabye” from DRAGON NIGHT in Lui Collins’ “Moon Dancer”– Lui Collins recordings at Mabels Music and Card Shop.