Cover of The Fireside Song Book of Birds and Beasts by Jane Yolen

Fireside Song Book of Birds and Beasts, The

This mammoth collection was my first song book. Babbie Green is a good friend and professional musician. (Her father, Johnny Green was a Hollywood composer and arranger.) We had a ball working on this. I picked all the songs, found the written music or sung it into a tape recorder and then Babbie worked her magic on the arrangements. I did all the historical research. Unfortunately it was the last book the children’s department at S&S published before going under. A number of years later, S&S reconstituted its department, but much too late for this book. The book was a New York Times Outstanding Books of the Year 1972, and a Literary Guild Book.

What reviewers have said:

  • “A large step above the average song book, this collection has nothing trite or tired about it.”–Publishers Weekly