Coer of Honkers by Jane Yolen


Pat Gauch at Philomel wanted me to write a follow-up book for John Schoenherr after our success with OWL MOON. I wrote this book in the first person hoping it had the same tone. Perspicacious readers will note that the book is not illustrated by Schoenherr (he was already at work on a goose book) nor published by Philomel (the editor turned the book down.) It’s also no longer in first person. When the marvelous Maria Modugno bought the manuscript, she suggested the point of view change, which made the thing work really well. As always, Leslie Baker’s art gets to the heart–and art–of the matter.

What reviewers have said:

  • “Yolen again proves herself as one who can weave a story with images that last beyond a single reading.” — Children’s Literature
  • “A heartwarming tale of birth and growth, of loving and belonging.. The flow of Yolen’s writing and Grandy’s terse conversational style, the warm loveliness of the illustrations, and the subtleness of the story itself combine to form a poignant book with a quiet but powerful message that is sure to be enjoyed by young and old alike.” — School Library Journal
  • “Baker’s soft watercolor paintings, rendered in earth tones highlighted in blue, suggest a turn-of-the-century setting that complements Yolen’s lyrical text. A great choice for spring or fall story hours, this will also make a useful addition to primary units on birds or the farm.” — BookList

Out of print.