Cover of How Do Dinosaurs Stay Safe by Jane Yolen

How Do Dinosaurs Stay Safe

Those dinos, they keep on going. And this one began because the editor asked for it. I made a dozen wrong tries until I got it right. She and I made lists of possible scenarios. And only then did I manage to get it right. Mark Teague’s pictures do indeed steal the show, and it seems nothing is going to stop these great big galoots from rollicking through another dozen or so picture books!

What reviewers have said:

  • “As in previous outings, Teague’s artwork steals the show, the realism of the scenes and human figures juxtaposed with the giant, though childish, dinos. Labels in the illustrations and endpapers will help dino mavens identify their favorites. Don’ts and Do’s in a familiar formula go down easily for fans and will provide a good conversation starter for parents.” — Kirkus
  • “From the How Do Dinosaurs . . . ? series, this colorful picture book tackles the topic of safety. Does a dinosaur “climb up too high? . . . jump on his bed? . . . race on his bike / with no helmet / on his head?” Of course not! On the contrary, he holds Mama’s hand when he crosses the street, and he would never go off with strangers. Though the text and large-scale paintings of the disobedient dinos are great fun, the later pages illustrating the virtuous beasts are even better. The friendly, elderly stranger, for example, is dwarfed by the enormous, intimidating dinosaur. This beloved series hit the ground running, and it’s still going strong.”–Booklist
  • “As always, examples of better (and, in this case, safer) actions follow, and while Teimgoe’s illustrations generally play the situations for laughs, the hook’s seriolisness of purpose wont be lost on readers.”–Publishers Weekly