On Gull Beach

Third rhymed picture for the Cornell Lab of Ornithology with pictures by my old friend Bob Marstall. Each one about a place and a resident kind of bird. In this one a boy on the beach works hard to rescue a sea star (starfish) from greedy gulls passing it around from beak to beak. (I have noted this behavior.) With great backmatter by the Lab folks.

The On Bird Hill and Beyond series:

What reviewers have said:

  • “…Gently explores a human’s place within the chain of being.” — Publisher’s Weekly
  • “Yolen’s lively, rhyming story transforms the mundane into images of revelation and beauty — Boston Globe
  • “An excellent addition to the nature shelf.” — Kirkus
  • “Young birdwatchers will love On Gull Beach. It would also be a great choice for a trip to the beach, either in real life or in the reader’s imagination.” — Growing with Science Blog