Cover of Picnic with Piggins by Jane Yolen

Picnic with Piggins

The second Piggins book to be published. I wrote the books about Piggins because I love mystery stories and am also a great fan of the Masterpiece Theater series called “Upstairs, Downstairs.” I also wrote them especially for Jane Dyer who showed me her amazing drawings and won me over with her delicious and particular Victoriana style. In fact I would write more than those three Piggins book if Jane Dyer, had not said “Only if it is Piggins on the Titanic.” You see, while it takes me about six weeks to write one of the stories, it takes her about eight months–with hard research–to produce the art work for each book. But perhaps one day Jane Dyer will say “More Piggins!” just like many of my fans. And then I will write “Piggins Noel” or perhaps “Piggins and the Highland Fling.” Can’t you see him in a Scottish kilt? I think his mother was a McSwine. Or maybe “Piggins by the Sea” dressed in an old-fashioned bathing costume. The book was a Junior Literary Guild selection and also offered by the Weekly Reader Book Club.


  • PICNIC WITH PIGGINS is read on “Piggins & Picnic with Piggins,” performed by Roddy McDowell, audio casette, Caedmon, CBN 1822 ISBN 0-89845-765-3.

What reviewers have said:

  • “(I)rresistible sequel … With droll characters and a sophisticated plot, the book playfully mimics the conventions of British mystery novels and will charm fans of the first Piggins tale.” — Publisher’s Weekly
  • “The beautiful color drawings, fanciful animal scenes, and touch of mystery will delight youngsters ready for more detail in their picture-book plots and illustrations.” — Midwest Book Review
  • “Droll and decorous illustrations enhance this charmingly bucolic excursion, a sort of Wind in the Willows crossed with Masterpiece Theater.” — Publisher’s Weekly of the paperback edition