Cover of Shape Shifters by Jane Yolen

Shape Shifters

This anthology has both original stories (including my much reprinted “Johanna,” about a girl who turns into a deer) and reprints. Weredogs, weredeer and werecockroaches abound. (Yes, I reprinted part of Kafka’s” Metamorphoses.”)

What reviewers have said:

  • “The shape-changing into wolf, dog, cat, fox, deer, squid, monster, machine, and ‘anything’ is well-handled in a wide spectrum of styles and periods…Jane Yolen has a fine record with this kind of book, and she has not let herself down.”—Theodore Sturgeon in The New York Times Book Review
  • “The well-known storyteller includes one of her own inventions in her new anthology…Understated and intensely affecting, this short adventure competes handily with others in this excellent collection.”—Publisher’s Weekly
  • “Highly recommended for grades 5 and up.”—Catholic Library World
  • “As usual, Yolen has done her research well, written magnificently, and given us another great book for our collection of lore and storytelling for children and adults.”—Desert News