Cover of The Magic Three of Solatia by Jane Yolen

Magic Three of Solatia, The

This four-part fantasy novel reads like an expanded folk tale. There is a sea witch, a hero, a heroine, and a lot of magic. Patricia MacLachlan’s husband Bob claims that this is his favorite of my books. A Japanese edition came out in 1985, a Spanish edition in 1997.

What reviewers have said:

  • “This book is magical and captivating, and the characters are very well written. Highly recommended!” —
  • “THE MAGIC THREE OF SOLATIA is a powerful and imaginative fairy tale that will feel at once new and familiar. It shares many similar themes to other fairy tales, and numbers and their meaning are very prominent throughout the tale. Though it’s a quick read, it really deserves attention and focus so that you do not miss anything. My edition contains a reader’s guide, which was very helpful to me as I pondered what lies beneath the surface of this beautiful and haunting tale.”—Literally Jen, blog