Cover of The Mermaid's Three Wisdoms by Jane Yolen

Mermaid’s Three Wisdoms, The

A deaf girl angry with having to wear a hearing aid and refusing to use signing meets a young mermaid thrust out of her community for disobeying their laws. Merfolk sign under the sea, so mergirl (who now has legs) and deaf girl can communicate. Together they rescue a beached dolphin, and the mermaid is allowed to return to her family. There was a Japanese version.


  • Nomination for the William Allen White Award list, 1981

What reviewers have said:

  • “Skillfully written and convincingly plotted, this will appeal to a wide readership.”—School Library Journal
  • “Yolen has applied her usual skillful imaginative powers to a srory strong in reality and fantasy; the combination strengthens her writing and makes it more accessible o a wider audience.”—Booklist
  • “The story successfully blends reality and fantasy, portrays appealing characters, and is based on a sensible philosophy—the Three Wisdoms.”–The Boston Globe
  • “This book is for ‘problem novel’ lovers, mermaid lovers, and alll lovers of a good book.”—Assoc of Children’s Librarians Newsletter