Cover of Robot and Rebecca and the Missing Owser by Jane Yolen

Robot and Rebecca and the Missing Owser, The

Knopf 1981
ISBN# 0-394-84832-2 Knopf paperback
ISBN# 0-394-94832-7 Knopf hardcover

Published simultaneously in hardcover and paperback, this was the second (and alas, last) in the series of science fiction mysteries. I actually had written a lot of the third book when this particular line of Knopf books was declared dead. That’s publishing for you.

What reviewers have said:

  • “Light, brisk entertainment.”–SLJ
  • “The mystery and science fiction genres blend nicely in this story.”–Children’s Book Review Service
  • “Light weight and fast paced, this will find high appeal with futuristic fans looking for a good quick story.”–Book List