Cover of Werewolves Edited by Jane Yolen


Original werewolf stories by a variety of authors. The book includes the first publication of my story “Green Messiah.” I chose all the stories and edited them. Marty did the business end of things.

What reviewers have said:

  • “Since many of the stories are told from the wolf’s perspective, reader share what it feels like to undergo the change from human to beast, This collection will, of course, fill the perennial request for ‘scary stories. More than that. . .it will introduce readers to good fantasy and science fiction writing.”–School Library Journal
  • “. . .the great terror of the Change is repeatedly and effectively conveyed. . .A strong, well-chosen collection.”–Kirkus
  • “These 15 original short stories will delight younger teenage horror fans.”–YA section,  Booklist
  • “The caliber of the writing throughout is high and of course the topic will attract readers.”–Children’s section Booklist
  • “This is definitely the type of book a clever English/reading teacher could use as supplemental material for a unit on various kinds of mythological tales.”–Voice of Youth Advocate
  • “The authors of these stories are masters of creative imagery, figurative language, and crafty dialogue.”–Children’s Book Review Service