Cover of Among Angels by Jane Yolen and Nancy Willard

Among Angels

This book of adult poems about angels resulted from a three year correspondence Nancy Willard and I had, sending poems back and forth. Some of the poems–like “Angel in Winter” and “Angel in Summer” are easy to see paired. But others are more subtle. We used one another’s poems as jumping off places for our own writing. It was a fascinating process, made more fascinating by the fact that we are both very different kinds of poets. Nancy is mystical, magical, imagistic. I am more linear in my writing. Her poems are Christian and mine are–for the most part–Jewish. She is obsessed by angels, I find them compelling metaphors. Together with Susan Gallagher’s haunting paintings, we made a one-of-a-kind book.


  • Best Illustrations of 1995 Book Category, Society of Illustrators

What reviewers have said:

  • “These poems reveal not only the poets’ struggle with the angelic horde but also the mystery and the humor that a fascination with the angelic inevitably generates … The poets also peer into the worlds of angels writing on the heads of pins, the fall of Lucifer, and the ways angels occupy themselves during summer and winter. Evanescent poetry of the gossamer realm; highly recommended.” — Library Journal
  • “Touches of humor and irony are mixed with spirituality in these poetic snapshots of winged souls.”–The Book Report
  • “Both Willard and Yolen. . .reject popular imagines of angels as sacchrine and passive.In their imagination, angels are surprsing and intelligent creatures to be danced and wrestled with. Angels are wry, opinopnated, and even meancholy.”–Woodstock Times

Hardcover available from Harcourt.