Cover of Animal Fare by Jane Yolen

Animal Fare

This is a book of nonsense poems, about made up animals. Like the Canterlope and the Raggit. As I am an incorrigible punster, I had a ball working on these rhymes. Obviously Janet Street enjoyed herself, too, as the ebullient pictures show.

What reviewers have said:

  • “Puns have great appeal, and in this collection of 16 nonsense verses about animals–from the Hippopotanoose to the Whysel–the silly play is with sound, sense, and illustration … It’s middle-grade punsters who will respond to the humor, and some will want to try out their own menagerie wordplay.”– Booklist
  • *starred review* “These are really goofy pictures and really goofy poems and kids are going to love both.”–Bulletin of the Center of Children’s Books
  • “In this cheerful collection, Yolen uses inventive wordplay and alliteration to create a unique menagerie of funny and endearing imaginary animals.”–School Library Journal
  • “In the tradition of Lear, Carroll, and Seuss, pure nonsense: 16 deftly fashioned rhymes about newly imagined animals….the wit is sustained with rare success — Kirkus Reviews
  • “This zany poetry book of 16 made-up animals has rhythmic read-aloud appeal for the young, and puns to entertain and inspire elementary school-age independent readers and budding poets. From the Anteloop (who “go round and round”) to the Whysel (who “will question you to death”), to the Grizzly Bare (who is “fairly froze” because “he don’t wear no clothes”) to the Wherewolf and kin-Whenwolf, Whowolf, Whywolf, and Whatwolf-the creatures in the collection come alive with clever wordplay. Street’s colorful illustrations add just the right touch of silliness to compliment the words”–

Out of print.