Cover of Guide to Writing for Children by Jane Yolen

Guide to Writing for Children

The Writer’s Inc. 1989
ISBN# 0-87116-155-9
Writer’s trade paperback

Originally published as Writing Books for Children, and revised and updated twice, this book is now–alas–out of print. But I still think that some of the essays–notably on writing with joy, folk tales, fantasy, and children’s poetry stand the test of time.

What reviewers have said:

  • “In “Writing Books for Children,” Miss Yolen covers just about everything that can be taught on the subject…Much of what (she) writes about has been covered before…but Miss Yolen’s book is somehow fresher, more knowledgeable, and more respectful of books as literature. Her book also exhibits broader writing experience than these other(s). An altogether excellent book for anyone, beginner or published author.” — Writer’s Market News
  • “An experienced editor, teacher, and author of more than 20 children’s books describes techniques to help aspiring writers produce good books for children…The work also offers detailed, practical advice for the business side of writing for children.” — Scholastic Teacher
  • “Here, in a book different from her Writing Books for Children, one of the most prolific and respected contemporary authors of books for children offers a wealth of practical, personal, and realistic suggestions for the nuts-and-bolts composition and marketing of different genres. . . Yolen also presents a painless history and critique of genres, qualifying this book as a basic text on children’s literature. Best of all, it’s fun to read.” — The Book Report
  • “Throughout (Yolen) not only defines and explains, she warns of pitfalls and sets standards for excellence. She not only instructs, she inspires.” — Bulletin of SCBW (Society of Children’s Book Writers)