Cover of How Do Dinosaurs Love Their Dogs by Jane Yolen and Mark Teague

How Do Dinosaurs Love Their Dogs

A board book in the How Do Dinos… series.

What reviewers have said:

  • “Taking care of a dog is a big responsibility. How should a little dinosaur take care of his dog? Should he “scrub it too hard” during bath time, forget to feed his dog, or forget to take it outside? Dear me no! This is not how a good dog owner should behave. What should a dinosaur do instead?In this funny and endearing board book, Jane Yolen and Mark Teague help little children to learn how to take care of the family dog.”—LookingGlassReview
  • “The latest in a long list of Jane Yolen and Mark Teague’s popular dinosaur books, How Do Dinosaurs Love Their Cats? and How Do Dinosaurs Love Their Dogs? follows the series’ cute approach to using dinosaurs as substitutes for kids – allowing T-Rexes, Iguanadons, and Ceratosaurs to model both good and bad pet care behaviors. Yolen’s rhyming text remains catchy and easy-to-read while Teague’s enormous dinosaurs are cute and wacky as they play fetch, stroke, and bathe their normal-sized cats and dogs.”–Suite101
  • “I have some sweeeeet boardbooks by Jane Yolen to show off today! . . .I tested these out on my research team; first on our adult services librarian’s almost-toddler, Nolan. Sadly, Nolan did not approve. I think these were a little long for him and he’s not into dinosaurs yet. However….in our second testing phase, with Miss Pattie and the toddlers, they were a wow! The kids went crazy over the dinosaurs and their silly behavior. So, these are perfect for slightly older toddlers!”–