Cover of I am the Storm by Jane Yolen and Heidi Stemple

I am the Storm

Rise x Penguin Workshop (October 27, 2020)
with Heidi E. Y. Stemple
Illustrated by Kevin & Kristen Howdeshell
ISBN-10: 059322275X
ISBN-13: 978- 0593222751

Daughter Heidi Stemple and I were telephoned by the editor of a new  early-reading  imprint  “Rises” for Penguin Random house. We knew her though had never actually done a book for her. Se told us about an idea and we ran with it, and it became this book:

A tornado, a blizzard, a forest fire, and a hurricane are met, in turn, with resilience and awe in this depiction of nature’s power and our own. In the face of our shifting climate, young children everywhere are finding themselves subject to unfamiliar and often frightening extreme weather. Beloved author Jane Yolen and her daughter Heidi Stemple address four distinct weather emergencies (a tornado, a blizzard, a forest fire, and a hurricane) with warm family stories of finding the joy in preparedness and resilience. Their honest reassurance leaves readers with the message: nature is powerful, but you are powerful, too. Illustrated in rich environmental tones and featuring additional information about storms in the back, this book educates, comforts, and empowers young readers in stormy or sunny weather, and all the weather in between.

Heidi found some bracelets with a saying “I Am The Storm,”and sent them to the editor and her assistant. We named the four of us, “The Storm Sisters” and so we have remained.


  • I Am the Storm is on Julie Andrews’ and Emma Walton Hamilton’s “Julie’s Library” shortlist of their favorite books of 2020