Cover of The Last Changeling by Jane Yolen and Adam Stemple

The Last Changeling

The Seelie Wars Trilogy:

The Last Changeling is the middle book of a trilogy. Always the toughest part. You have to move the plot along, add some new characters, but not solve any of the major mysteries/explain away all the hanging threads. Indeed, Adam (my son and co-writer) and I didn’t really yet know how the biggest hanger was going to be solved. (Hint, we figured it out before we ended book 3! Whew!)

I wrote the girl Snail’s chapters, Adam wrote Prince Aspen’s chapters, then we each revised the other’s work. Sometimes a lo,t most times very little. I especially love the chapter with the troll giving birth and the punning wit of the dwarf triplets. Adam may have different favorite parts.

Cliffhangers R Us.

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  • “Mother-son team Yolen and Stemple return to the “refreshingly atypical” characters they introduced in The Hostage Prince: Prince Aspen, a Seelie raised at the Unseelie Court, and Snail, a midwife’s apprentice. Fans will be eager to see the fallout of the war the pair inadvertently caused in this action-packed jaunt, ideal for fantasy newcomers.” — School Library Journal