Cover of Milk and Honey by Jane Yolen and Adam Stemple

Milk and Honey

A compendium of songs, stories, poems and information about the Jewish holidays. The poems are all original, and the stories are all retellings, geared to individual holidays. Adam arranged the music for the traditional songs. Great reviews–and great for holiday giving!

What reviewers have said:

  • “August’s illustrations catch you first: their stark black outlines, inky details, and old-world charm immediately draw the eye. The text is a fine match for them, nicely written, with a bit of speculation here and there or a funny anecdote or telling quote. Beginning with Rosh Hashanah, Yolen outlines the history and practice of the eight most celebrated holidays on the Jewish calendar, then gives readers a taste of the literature. She includes original as well as traditional selections carefully keyed to the celebration–folk tales, poems, plays, and songs, with music scored for guitar and piano. The combination makes her book wonderful for introducing the Jewish holidays to a student group (though source notes are sketchy) and excellent for family sharing.” — Booklist
  • “This book is a special delight. Yolen relates stories to accompany the religious significance of each of the holidays. Some are Chasidic, Talmudic, or folktales, but always Ms. Yolen’s voice is that of the storyteller. Familiar songs are included along with the music. The paintings add to the charm and beauty of the book. The book begins with Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur and continues through the year ending with an explanation of the Sabbath. —
  • “The general attractiveness and warmth of Yolen’s book, the original poetry, and the clear explanations of the holidays commend it for any collection.” –School Library Journal
  • “. . .a solid addition to a young child’s Jewish library and a thoughtful introduction to the Jewish calendar, sure to be taken off the shelf again and again throughout the year.”–The Jewish Journal
  • “Written for a broad audience, Yolen’s work sets forth for all children, Jewish and non-Jewish, an appealing introduction to Jewish celebrations.”–second review in The Jewish Journal
  • “. . .we found Milk and Honey a ‘keeper’ and will look forward to sharing it with our grandson in a year or two. “–Jewish Voice of Rhode Island
  • “. . .a lively odyssey through the Jewish year,replete with history,tales, and poems.”–Hadassah Magazine
  • “The history and significance of Jewish festivals are brought to life in fable and song and in August’s folksy drawings.”–People Magazine
  • “I adored this book.” –MetroWest Jewish News

Out of print.