Cover of Pegasus, the Flying Horse by Jane Yolen

Pegasus, the Flying Horse

Lightyear Entertainment did an animated movie written by Doris Orgel and she wasn’t interested in turning the story of Pegasus into a book. I watched the movie and wasn’t interested in retelling her story either. So when Dutton and Lightyear asked me to tell it in my own way, I agreed. Li Ming had done such a wonderful job on “Merlin and the Dragons” he was contracted to do these illustrations as well. Someone forgot to tell him that horses have teeth. I have always loved the classic story of the flying horse, and researching it was a pleasure. It is set in ancient Corinth in my telling, where a boy and his father are on the way to the horse market and they meet a beggar. Chosen one of the Best Children’s Books of the Year/1998 in Ages 5-9 category by Children’s Book Committee at Bank Street College, and selected for the 1999 Storytelling World Award in the :”Tellable” Stories for Ages 13-17 Category, sponsored by the magazine Storytelling World. It was also a 1999 Honor Book for the Storytelling World Awards given by Storytelling World magazine and announced at the International Reading Assn. 1999 conference.

What reviewers have said:

  • “Yolen eloquently brings this ancient tale to life. The artist’s lush, Renaissance-style oil paintings surround the text,. Full of light and saturated color, the illustrations deftly set the tone and place. All of the elements of a good story are here: adventure, intrigue, wicked acts of deceit, heroic deeds, and the dangers of pride. A perfect selection for young fantasy fans and an inviting introduction to myths.” — School Library Journal

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