Cover of Pit Dragon Trilogy: A Sending of Dragons by Jane Yolen

Pit Dragon Trilogy: A Sending of Dragons

The third of the Pit Dragon trilogy, (first is Dragon’s Blood, second is Heart’s Blood) this science fiction novel takes place on another planet–Austar IV–where great dragons are fought in pits. This is the story of a young bond boy Jakkin and his girl/friend Akki who have been in hiding in the mountains and discover a lost troglodyte tribe of humans who communicate mentally and sacrifice dragon female breeders in bloody rituals. I wrote these books because I love dragons. Jakkin and Akki are based on my children who are now in their thirties. Austar is of course named after Australia, which was a penal colony for the British two hundred years ago. I hope in the future to write a fourth book–if I can come up with a plot! There have been British, Danish and Swedish editions of the book and the Science Fiction Book Club edition which was an omnibus of all three books.


  • Iowa Teen Award Masterlist
  • IRA Young Adults Choices List for 1989

What reviewers have said:

  • “The final volume in the Pit Dragon trilogy which began with Dragon’s Blood concludes a riveting saga that intertwines elements of fantasy and science fiction. . . . Yolen’s tightly plotted, adventurous trilogy constitutes superb storytelling. She incorporates elements of freedom and rebellion, power and control, love and friendship in a masterfully crafted context of a society sick with perversion. All phenomena relating to dragonsbirth, mating, physiology, telepathy, their training, breeding and care are meticulously evoked. The world of the dragons, which are complex creatures, provides a unique foundation for this compelling trilogy”–. Publishers Weekly
  • “Here is the third and concluding volume in the indefatigably creative Jane Yolen’s Pit Dragon’ trilogy. . . .and in this volume (Jakkin and Akki) continue their harrowing journey to freedom and spiritual enlightenment. Like the two volumes preceeding it, A Sending of Dragons ‘ particular strengths are in the almost encyclopedic detail which Yolen has lavished upon her fully realized alternative world of Austar IV, in her sympathetic portrayal of the dragons as both victims and telepathic partners, and in the symbolic sub-text which enriches her narrative and reinforces her universal theme of the inter-dependency and unique value of all life forms. . . . the trilogy remains an ambitious and rewarding work of speculative fiction.” –School Library Journal
  • “The author combines well-wrought dragon lore with exciting adventure and good characterization.”–Booklist
  • “A Sending of Dragons sounds out by the excellence of her writing and storytelling.”–Times Educational Supplement
  • “. . .a brilliantly imagined planetary complex where the evils of our own urban society can be scrutinized in a serious but exciting tale about a legendary species and about young people who have learned to accept its right to peaceful co-existence.”–Growing Point