Cover of Rum Pum Pum by Jane Yolen

Rum Pum Pum

Holiday House (September 15, 2020)
Illustrated by Anjan Sarkar
ISBN-10: 0823441008
ISBN-13: 978- 0823441006

So, David L. Harrison was posting on his personal web page about how when his son (now in his 60s I believe) was a boy, David had always promised to write him a story about a lonely tiger, but never did. And so I wrote back (also on David’s site) the beginning of the story set in India and after we had this open to the public several pages going on, I said: “Think it’s time to take this offline and really go for it.”

And we did.

We sold it to Holiday House’s Grace Maccarrone and with pictures by the wonderful British illustrator Anjan Sarkar, it became a book.

What reviewers have said: