Cover of The Pictish Child by Jane Yolen

Tartan Magic: The Pictish Child

The Tartan Magic series:

Jane with Pictish stone, the ‘Maidenstone’The second book in the Tartan Magic series. An American family visiting Scotland for the summer fall into magic. In this book, the children and their grandmother visit an Eventide Home (a Old Folks home) where a magic talisman calls up a child from Scotland’s Pictish past. There is a reference in the book to some of the great carved Pictish stones.

Jane with Pictish stone, the ‘Maidenstone’
The Eventide home that our heroes visit is patterned after the one in St Andrews I pass every time I walk into town. It does not, however, have a graveyard attached.

What reviewers have said:

  • “Yolen has once again given us a fine new series of fantasy stories. Set in Scotland and populated by American children and Scottish family members, the story includes an old wizard and a member of the oldest race in Scotland. . . . a quick and enjoyable read.” -Kliatt
  • “The action-paced plot is nearly as winding as the rain-drenched stone lanes of Gran’s ancient village, but the important twists are all resolved in the tale’s conclusion. The story has a good dose of humor, often provided by an obnoxious talking dog left over from the siblings’ first adventure. The novel stands alone but is more enjoyable when read after Wizard’s Map, especially for insights into the characters and an appreciation for the occasional references to events in it.”–School Library Journal