Cover of The Wild Hunt by Jane Yolen

Wild Hunt, The

Another dream-inspired book, this adventure with two very different boys, an enchanted house, a talking white cat, a bumptious dog, and the Wild Hunt itself, is really a gloss on the entire genre of fantasy. It may be the most seriously weird book I have ever written.

Material for Teachers: There is a discussion guide from Scholastic.

What reviewers have said:

  • “Jane Yolen (surely one of the great voices of North American literature) clears her throat and draws us into another story, as effortlessly as ever, but this time with a marked difference. Her prose is still that inimitable blend of matter-of-fact and lyric. Mystery still resonates beneath the simple unfolding of events. This is fairy tale and myth, seen through contemporary eyes, but the story isn’t as straightforward as Yolen’s work has often been in the past. There are threads that remain tangled when the story is done, puzzles that the reader must decipher for themselves.” — Charles deLint in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction
  • “What a beginning. Not for the faint of heart.”–Children’s Literature
  • “Despite its deceptively simple format, the story is a complex, yet entertaining melding of a variety of European myths, legends, and folklore.”–Booklist
  • See the Greenman review of the book, which includes the assertion that this is “one of the truly outstanding works ever printed”.

Available in both hardcover and paperback