Here are some of the sites on the web that report uses of particular Jane Yolen books. Book titles in caps link to descriptions of the books. Other links are to reports of how teachers have used or can use the books.

BIRD WATCH: Review and activities by Carol Hurst.

THE DEVIL’S ARITHMETIC: a remarkably comprehensive set of lesson plans along with students’ work are online at (

THE DEVIL’S ARITHMETIC: a curriculum from Kids who READ!

THE DEVIL’S ARITHMETIC: A Teacher’s Guide to the Holocaust

ENCOUNTER: Researching Columbus: Encounters and Exchanges by Diana Doyle from The Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute

ENCOUNTER: Lesson plans from the Otis Elementary School 7th Grade Social Studies by Kathleen Rodger

Fantasy stories: an appreciation by David Lendander on the occasion of my being Guest of Honor at Mythcon.

THE GIRL WHO LOVED THE WIND: An exploration of many ways to study the wind

LETTING SWIFT RIVER GO: Lesson plan by Carol Hurst

ONCE UPON ICE: Here’s an odd one: an activity extension for the FSU class, Molecular Expressions: Science, Optics and You – Activities in Optics – Birefringence in Crystals.  Scroll way down.
OWL MOON: The Kennedy Center’s ARTSEDGE curriculum, lessons and activities.

OWL MOON: Poems and puppet show from Mrs. Jones’ Class, Perry Elementary School, Perry, Oklahoma. in a cooperative project directed from the remarkable Mrs. Silverman’s Second Grade Class.

QUEEN’S OWN FOOL: Activities – Trackstar by Carrie Goodall