Cover of Xanadu by Jane Yolen


with Martin H. Greenberg
Tor Books 1993
ISBN# 0-312-85367-X hardcover
ISBN# 0-812-52082-3 mass market paperback

The start of a series of the best original adult fantasy short stories and poems, including one of my own poems in each volume. Martin H. Greenberg and I sold the book together, but only my name appears on the cover because I edited the book. He handled the monetary details. Rave reviews, calling this the series that shows what fantasy is about. Few sales.

What reviewers have said:

  • “Fantasists often anchor their flights of imagination to some recognizable underpinning. One favorite trick is to borrow the archaic diction associated with medieval romances, fairy tales and rehashed Bible stories. At its worst, this stylistic borrowing leads to unviable hybrids in which characters out of modern day Westerns and soap operas stalk through misty landscapes spouting pseudo-medieval bombast. But in the hands of writers who genuinely appreciate the tradition, fantasies with an archaic flavor can sparkle. … As much as I enjoyed these exercises in stylistic reclamation, I was most taken with Frances Stokes Hoekstra’s ‘Pale Moon,’ which deftly blends wish-fulfillment fantasy with a contemporary tale of adolescent angst that brings to mind the best young-adult books of Judy Blume.” — The New York Times Book Review
  • “A very auspicious debut for the series, one which I hope will stay around for a long time to come.” — Science Fiction Chronicle
  • “These brilliantly inventive stories are full of human understanding and compassion. . .” — Wilson Library Bulletin
  • “This enjoyable collection inaugurates what seems likely to become a major annual showcase…It’s most impressive feature is its broad range.” — Publisher’s Weekly
  • “…an encouraging start to a new series and a welcome new market for short fiction.”–Locus
  • “This premier volume includes an impressive number of star quality contributors, but even more impressive is the range of material they incorporate. . .” — Kirkus
  • “Xanadu is a must-buy for lovers of short fiction.” — Book World