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Cover of Here There Be Dragons by Jane Yolen

Here There Be Dragons

Short stories and poems, all written by me, having to do with dragons. This was the first of the five HERE THERE BE. . .books. Since I’d already written many dragon short stories, I only needed to write one new one–a Chinese dragon story. Included here is “Cockfight,” which started the Pit Dragon Trilogy

Cover of Briar Rose by Jane Yolen

Briar Rose

The idea for an adult novel on the subject of the Holocaust came to me when I was watching the documentary “Shoah” in which the concentration camp Chelmno was described. It was a camp in a castle. Castle, barbed wire, and the gassing of innocent folk. It suggested the fairy tale “Sleeping Beauty” in a horrible way.

Cover of The Sword and the Stone by Jane Yolen

Sword and the Stone, The

Chapbook for now defunct Pulphouse Publishing of the short story that was first published in Merlin’s Booke and later was fleshed out into Sword of the Rightful King.

Cover of 2041 edited by Jane Yolen


Twelve original stories by such sf authors as Connie Willis and Susan Shwartz and Joe Haldeman. This saw the first publication of my own much reprinted sf short story, “The Ear.”

Cover of The Dragon's Boy by Jane Yolen

Dragon’s Boy, The

This novel began as a short story also called “The Dragon’s Boy” (see Merlin’s Booke) but eventually grew to novel length. I had to first read a lot about the Arthurian cycle of stories. But I also had to learn about England around the fifth century. I spent time down in the English fen country, going on walks

Cover of Things That Go Bump in the Night edited by Jane Yolen

Things That Go Bump in the Night

Original horror stories by a variety of authors, including William Sleator and Melissa Mia Hall. This saw the first publication of my much reprinted “The Baby-Sitter. ” I chose all the stories and edited them. Marty did the business end of things.

Cover of The Devil's Arithmetic by Jane Yolen

Devil’s Arithmetic, The

I had thought about doing a book on the Holocaust for a long time, but quite frankly the idea overwhelmed me. Finally one of my editors, who was a rabbi’s wife at the time, persuaded me to confront the task. Writers and storytellers are the memory of a civilization, and we who are alive now really must not forget

Cover of White Jenna by Jane Yolen

White Jenna

The sequel to Sister Light, this actually contains the chapter based on a short story of the same name written for Jessica Amanda Salmonson’s anthology “Heroic Visions.” Published in 1989, White Jenna and its companion Sister Light comprise one single book. In the late 90s, the two

Cover of Sister Light, Sister Dark by Jane Yolen

Sister Light, Sister Dark

Based on a short story of the same name written for Jessica Amanda Salmonson’s anthology “Heroic Visions,” Sister Light and its companion White Jenna comprise one single book. Published in 1988, the two would be put together in the late ’90s as The Books of Great Alta. (My husband always