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Cover of Take Joy by Jane Yolen

Take Joy

TAKE JOY is filled with 40 years of my insights, rants, jokes, and pleasure in the writing trade. Some of the essays began as speeches, some as articles, some as journal entries, some as moments of inspiration. I hope all of them help writers–old, new, and in-between.

Cover of Guide to Writing for Children by Jane Yolen

Guide to Writing for Children

Originally published as Writing Books for Children, and revised and updated twice, this book is now–alas–out of print. But I still think that some of the essays–notably on writing with joy, folk tales, fantasy, and children’s poetry stand the test of time.

Cover of The Lap Time Song and Play Book by Jane Yolen Musical Arrangements by Adam Stemple

Lap Time Song and Play Book, The

Songs and lap games, many of which I played with my own children when they were babies and toddlers, with musical arrangements by my son Adam who is a professional musician. Now I play “Trot, trot to Boston” and “This is the way the farmer rides” and others with my grandbabies. The Tomes art is delicious.

Cover of Touch Magic by Jane Yolen

Touch Magic

Subtitled “Fantasy, Faerie, and Folklore in the Literature of Childhood,” this small book of essays was first my position papers for the EdD I never quite got. Originally published in hardcover by Philomel and then brought out a few years later in a trade paperback, this book of essays has become well