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Cover of Stone Cold by Jane Yolen and Adam Stemple

Stone Cold

Stone Cold is a noir mystery set in Edinburgh, Scotland in the 1930s. My husband and I lived in Edinburgh for six months in the late
1980s and loved every moment of our time there. when I got the
initial idea for a graphic novel in which the detective was a gargoyle

The Seelie King’s War

Ah, The Seelie King’s War, where son Adam (my co-writer) and I untangled the history of the Seelie Court’s mysteries and the lineage of the Unseelie kings. The final book in the trilogy, where we begin with the unknowable, meet a fascinating new cast of characters, kill off quite a few beloved folk in a terrible war, and solve the biggest mystery of the The Seelie Wars trilogy.

Cover of The Hostage Prince by Jane Yolen

The Hostage Prince

My son Adam and I had begun a possible series/trilogy, got as far as a shaky first chapter and an even shakier proposal, and put it aside for stuff that was working better for us. And about five years later, editor Sharyn November asked me if I was interested in doing a middle grade fantasy

Cover of Curses Foiled Again by Jane Yolen

Foiled Again

This sequel was written pretty close to the time the first book came out, but publishers work in mysterious ways, and so it took (imho) far too long or book 1 to come out and I haven’t yet gotten the go-ahead for book 3, but live in hope. The book took some twists, I love the Baba Yaga character, and

Cover of The Rogues by Jane Yolen and Robert J Harris

Stuart Quartet: The Rogues

The last of the Stuart quartet—and originally titled Rogue’s Apprentice except that the publisher had launched a hugely successful “Apprentice” series and didn’t want it confused with that—this book takes place during the Highland Clearances. That was the time the Scottish lairds decided it

Cover of Prince Across the Water by Jane Yolen and Robert J Harris

Stuart Quartet: Prince Across the Water

Book 3 of the Stuart Quartet is about Bonnie Prince Charlie and the disastrous battle of Culloden that broke the Scottish clan system and saw the English banning the playing of bagpipes, the speaking of Scots Gaelic, and wearing tartan and kilts.

Cover of Girl in a Cage by Jane Yolen and Robert J Harris

Stuart Quartet: Girl in a Cage

I first heard the story of wicked King Edward Longshanks putting the captured Scottish Countess of Buchan in a cage through a folksong. Then I found out that Longshanks had not only put her in a cage, but Robert the Bruce’s sister and twelve year old daughter as well.

Cover of Queen's Own Fool by Jane Yolen and Robert J Harris

Stuart Quartet: Queen’s Own Fool

This novel about Mary Queen of Scots is told from the point of view of one of her three female jesters. (Yes–there were three, though we know little about them.) Scottish writer Bob Harris and I worked

Cover of The One-Armed Queen by Jane Yolen

One-Armed Queen, The

I hadn’t planned to write a third book of the Dales, after Sister Light and White Jenna. In fact, I killed off all the main characters in White Jenna so I wouldn’t have to write a trilogy. But there was this nagging question in my

Cover of Merlin by Jane Yolen

Young Merlin Trilogy: Merlin

The third book of the Young Merlin trilogy (PASSAGER and HOBBY are the others), this tells the story of Merlin as a twelve year old and immediately follows young Merlin’s escape in Book 2 from a murdering king. In this part of the adventure,