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The Scarlet Circus

This is the fourth Tachyon collection of themed fantasy stories with backmatter and poems to go with each story. This one is all love stories that are full of magic and mystery and—of course—love. The stories had been published in other collections of mine, anthologies other people put together, and literary and sf magazines, but this is the first time they are all together by theme.

Cover of The Midnight CIrcus by Jane Yolen

Midnight Circus

The third of my series of short stories (and poems in the back matter) collections is MIDNIGHT CIRCUS, for Tachyon Books. It follows the arc of the other two. But these are my dark stories. Who knew I had done so many! As I looked through what I had…

Cover of How to Fracture a Fairy Tale

How to Fracture a Fairy Tale

I was in my final year of college when the Rocky and Bullwinkle fractured fairy tale show was on so never watched it. (And my dorm had no tv.) The next year, living in New York City in 1960, working as an editor, again no television. By 1962 I was selling my own picture books and as far as I knew, invented my own kind of fractured fairy tales.

Cover of Switching on the Moon by Jane Yolen and Andrew Fusek Peters

Switching on the Moon

I don’t actually remember how this book started. Either the editor suggested it or Andy Fusek Peters did. The only thing I know is that we all wanted a companion book to HERE’S A LITTLE POEM which had gotten sterling reviews, won some awards, and looked to become a minor childhood classic.

Cover of Count Me a Rhyme by Jane Yolen and Jason Stemple

Count Me a Rhyme

This book was meant to be a companion to our successful COLOR ME A RHYME, but I consciously decided to make the poems simpler and to concentrate on rhyming poems since counting books are for the quite young. Along the way, Jason found some wonderful shots for the early

Cover of Meow: Cat Tales From Around the World by Jane Yolen

Meow: Cat Tales From Around the World

Here is a complicated and ironic book history. About ten years ago I sent around a proposal for this book, listing about fifteen cat folk stories I’d like to retell. Every publisher I sent it to (including Harper) turned it down.

Cover of Once Upon a Time (She Said) by Jane Yolen

Once Upon a Time (She Said)

I was incredibly honored to be asked to be one of the three Guests of Honor at the Glasgow SF World Con. That’s the largest science fiction convention in the world, a moveable feast, held summer 2005 in Scotland. Part of the perks of being a World Con GOH, is that

Cover of Fine Feathered Friends by Jane Yolen and Jason Stemple

Fine Feathered Friends

After having done WILD WINGS with Jason’s bird photographs–which won a National Wild Life Book award–I realized that he still had many gorgeous bird photos left over. Not only that, each time I went to South Carolina to visit (his baby twins, not Jason and his

Cover of Barefoot Book of Ballet Stories by Jane Yolen and Heidi E Y Stemple

Barefoot Book of Ballet Stories, The

So there I was, walking around the halls of the International Reading Assn conference, and I stopped at the small but elegant display of Barefoot Books. I was immediately struck by their distinctive style. One in particular was The Barefoot Book of Opera Stories.

Cover of Least Things by Jane Yolen and Jason Stemple

Least Things

LEAST THINGS began when I read the quote, “Nature excels in her least things.” I told my photographer son Jason and he began taking photos of nature’s smallest things–jingle shells, tiny crabs, butterflies, bees, hummingbirds, etc. Slowly he gathered his photographs