Mrs. Noah’s Doves

Kar-Ben Publishing (May 1, 2022)
Illustrated by Alida Massari
ISBN-10: 1728424267
ISBN-13: 978-1728424262

This midrash was a delight for a wife and mother of bird watchers to write. It is a kind of poem, which you will notice if you read it out loud. The pictures are just stunning. Midrash is what the rabbis do by taking a story from the Hebrew Bible and finding new ways to interpret them. My first picture book midrash—MIRIAM AT THE RIVER—was a Sydney Taylor honor book. I also have DEBORAH’S TREE just out, and THE APPLE ARGUMENT lined up next. All midrash.

What reviewers have said:

  • “…harmonious, poetic language…Readers will fall in love with Mrs. Noah and her doves in this heartwarming retelling of the age-old story of destruction, rebirth, and hope. Using Mrs. Noah as the protagonist, author Jane Yolen gives a new perspective to this quintessentially Jewish story. Mrs. Noah, in her warm and sensitive way, models the all-important mitzvah of caring for the sick. And, in the end, there is hope! A must for all libraries…and homes.” —Publishers Weekly
  • “Yolen puts Noah’s wife center stage in this reimagining of the biblical flood narrative. A lovely backstory for an obscure biblical personality.” ―Kirkus Reviews


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