Cover of On Eagle Cove by Jane Yolen, Illustrated by Elizabeth Dulembs

On Eagle Cove

Illustrated by Elizabeth Dulemba
Cornell Lab Publishing Group (September 5, 2020)
ISBN-10: 1943645485
ISBN-13: 978-1943645480

Once again, a rhymed book in the series about individual bird adventures around the USA.. A child and her mother spot a pair of eagles mating. They trek back several months later to see the eagle chicks in a huge nest. This is Elizabeth’s second book with me for Cornell University’s Lab of Ornithology, the first being CROW NOT CROW, written with my son Adam Stemple.  And yes! We have –all three—seen such nests, such mating eagles. The Lab wrote (and I rewrote) the back matter for much more information about eagle  behavior.

The On Bird Hill and Beyond series:

What reviewers have said:

  • “A memorable adventure”—Kirkus


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