Cover of Rounds About Rounds by Jane Yolen

Rounds About Rounds

This mammoth collection was my second song book. Babbie Green is a good friend and professional musician. (Her father was Johnny Green, a Hollywood composer and arranger.) We had a ball working on this. I picked all the songs, found the written music or sung it into a tape recorder and then Babbie worked her magic on the arrangements. I did all the historical research.

What reviewers have said:

  • “A most useful gathering of familiar and unfamiliar rounds, arranged with simple piano accompaniments and decorated with drawings and quotations about music.”–Booklist
  • “. . .it will be great fun to use in the class, in camp, and at home.”–School Library Journal
  • “This resource of 70 (ed. note 57) rounds will help provide countless fun activities for those extra minutes.”–The Instructor Magazine
  • “Historical background and additional poetry relating to each round enriches each selection. Excellent to use as a refernce and song book for music teachers, classroom teachers, and youth group leaders. . .an excellent collection. . .the format is pleasing , clear and easy to read.”–Tacoma Pubic Schools
  • “Some of the songs are serious, some silly, some are favorites, some new. some just noisy and fun! This beautifully bound book rates highly in every respect.”–Children’s Book Review Service