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Cover of Wizard's Hall by Jane Yolen

Wizard’s Hall

Another book that started with a dream, this story predates the Harry Potter books by eight years. A young inept wizard who turns out to be in some ways the most powerful of them all, my hero is named Henry (not Harry) but renamed Thornmallow when he gets to the Wizard’s Hall. The Hall is a school,

Cover of The Dragon's Boy by Jane Yolen

Dragon’s Boy, The

This novel began as a short story also called “The Dragon’s Boy” (see Merlin’s Booke) but eventually grew to novel length. I had to first read a lot about the Arthurian cycle of stories. But I also had to learn about England around the fifth century. I spent time down in the English fen country, going on walks

Cover of White Jenna by Jane Yolen

White Jenna

The sequel to Sister Light, this actually contains the chapter based on a short story of the same name written for Jessica Amanda Salmonson’s anthology “Heroic Visions.” Published in 1989, White Jenna and its companion Sister Light comprise one single book. In the late 90s, the two

Cover of Sister Light, Sister Dark by Jane Yolen

Sister Light, Sister Dark

Based on a short story of the same name written for Jessica Amanda Salmonson’s anthology “Heroic Visions,” Sister Light and its companion White Jenna comprise one single book. Published in 1988, the two would be put together in the late ’90s as The Books of Great Alta. (My husband always

Cover of Dragons and Dreams by Jane Yolen

Dragons and Dreams

Original stories by a variety of authors, including the first publication of my “Great-Grandfather Dragon’s Tale.” Though the Introduction is signed by all three authors, I wrote it. And I chose all the stories and edited them. Marty did the business end of things.

Cover of Merlin's Booke by Jane Yolen

Merlin’s Booke

Stories and poems all centering on the great wizard, Merlin. Some are historical, some completely magical. From his birth to his death–and beyond. A few of the stories were published first in F&SF Magazine, and a number of poems and stories have been subsequently reprinted in

Cover of Dragonfield by Jane Yolen


A collection of my fantasy and science fiction short stories for adults (and sophisticated children) with an introduction by Patricia McKillip. There was a British edition as well.

Cover of The Stone Silenus by Jane Yolen

Stone Silenus, The

A book about a girl whose poet father committed suicide and how she comes to terms with it. Along the way there is a mystery and a bit of mis-directed magic, as she meets someone she thinks is a faun, but is not. It took me nineteen years to write this book. Heidi posed for the book jacket.

Cover of Dragon's Blood by Jane Yolen

Pit Dragon Trilogy: Dragon’s Blood

The first of the Pit Dragon trilogy, (second is Heart’s Blood, third is A Sending of Dragons) this science fiction novel takes place on another planet–Austar IV–where great dragons are fought in pits. This is the story of a young bond boy who buys his way out of servitude at a dragon nursery by