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Cover of Dinosaur Dances by Jane Yolen

Dinosaur Dances

When they were little, my boys both loved dinosaurs so much, I embroidered dinosaur pillows for them. (I am NOT good at needlework.) When they were teenagers, I wrote this book. Go figure! The poems range from a dinosaur rock-and-roll band to a dinosaur waltz to a dinosaur square dance.

Cover of The Three Bears Rhyme Book by jane Yolen

Three Bears Rhyme Book, The

When I first saw Jane Dyer’s wonderful artwork–in a portfolio at a workshop I was running–I fell in love with her animals in clothing. I wrote “Piggins” esepcially for her, but I always remembered a picture from her portfolio of the three bears eating breakfast. When I started writing the

Cover of Ring of Earth by Jane Yolen

Ring of Earth

Four linked poems about the seasons from the point of view of four different animals: winter is the weasel, who wears the season on his hide; spring is the spring peeper, a frog who believes he causes the season to appear by singing; summer is the dragonfly with wings like stained glass;

Cover of The Whitethorn Wood and Other Magicks by Jane Yolen

Whitethorn Wood and Other Magicks, The

Published by Charles deLint’s small press for the World Fantasy Convention when I was guest of honor, this little bit of ephemera has an introduction by John Crowley and an afterword by deLint, the title story, a silly folktale “The Bull and the Crowth” and three poems. There were 250 signed copies and 26 copies lettered A-Z and several Publisher’s Proofs. Very collectible.

Cover of Best Witches by Jane Yolen

Best Witches

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. In this collection of poems I got to write a bunch of strange, funny, and sentimental Halloween poems. I even got to use one I had written way back in college (the ivy climbing the wall poem.) The editor told me that Elise Primavera

Cover of Dragon Night and Other Lullabies by Jane Yolen

Dragon Night and Other Lullabies

A collection of night-time poems, with lovely ink drawings by Demi, this book went out of print almost as soon as it was published because Methuen in the USA went out of business with that list. However, the book was published in England as well. And most of the poems have seen multiple

Cover of How Beastly! by Jane Yolen

How Beastly!

This is a book of nonsense poems, about made up animals. Like the Shirk–a lazy shark. Or the Dinosore whose pounding poundage makes him weak. I wrote many of these on walks by the Connecticut River, telling the poems into my little tape recorder. As I am an incorrigible punster, I had a ball