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Cover of Take Joy by Jane Yolen

Take Joy

TAKE JOY is filled with 40 years of my insights, rants, jokes, and pleasure in the writing trade. Some of the essays began as speeches, some as articles, some as journal entries, some as moments of inspiration. I hope all of them help writers–old, new, and in-between.

Cover of The Radiation Sonnets by Jane Yolen

Radiation Sonnets, The

In January, 2002, after he endured months of pain, an MRI showed a cancerous tumor in my husband’s skull. In March radiation therapy was started. The time from discovery to treatment was an eternity for us. An eternity. With that metaphor I

Cover of The Fish Prince by Jane Yolen and Shulamith Oppenheim

Fish Prince, The

This book of mermen stories may have the longest and most difficult gestation of any book I have ever done. It began almost 30 years ago when my friend Shulamith Oppenheim and I wrote a proposal for a children’s book called

Cover of Sister Emily's Lightship by Jane Yolen

Sister Emily’s Lightship

Most of my adult short fantasy/sf fiction has never been put in a single book. I have four story collections–Tales of Wonder, Dragonfield, Merlin’s Booke, and Storyteller, plus a chapbook that are all out of print. But my more recent stories

Cover of Mirror, Mirror by Jane Yolen and Heidi E Y Stemple

Mirror, Mirror

Heidi and I located forty mother/daughter folk tales from around the world, organized them, and then held long conversations about the stories. The stories range from well-known “Snow White” and “Cinderella” to lesser known tales from Portugal, Spain, Sudan,

Cover of The Fairies' Ring by Jane Yolen

Fairies’ Ring, The

Retellings of classic folk stories about fairies–from Scotland, Wales, Ireland, England, Brittany, Persia, South Africa etc. I had long wanted to do such a volume, and had presented the idea to many editors, but was always turned down. Then after I’d done the

Cover of Gray Heroes: Elder Tales from Around the World by Jane Yolen

Gray Heroes: Elder Tales from Around the World

An anthology of folk tales in which the heroes are all older or elderly. My contribution to the AARP set. (Of which I am a member in good standing.) I was surprised that there had never been any such volume before. A long

Cover of The One-Armed Queen by Jane Yolen

One-Armed Queen, The

I hadn’t planned to write a third book of the Dales, after Sister Light and White Jenna. In fact, I killed off all the main characters in White Jenna so I wouldn’t have to write a trilogy. But there was this nagging question in my

Cover of Xanadu 3 Edited by Jane Yolen

Xanadu 3

The third of a series of the best original adult fantasy short stories and poems, including one of my own poems in each volume. Martin H. Greenberg and I sold the book together, but only my name appears on the cover because I edited the book.

Cover of Among Angels by Jane Yolen and Nancy Willard

Among Angels

This book of adult poems about angels resulted from a three year correspondence Nancy Willard and I had, sending poems back and forth. Some of the poems–like “Angel in Winter” and “Angel in Summer” are easy to see paired. But others are