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Cover of Tales of Wonder by Jane Yolen

Tales of Wonder

My first hardcover collection of my fairy stories and adult stories, because the editor at Schocken was a fan. He left before the book was finished to form his own company, Peter Bedrick Books. Never a good start for a book, I have found, being orphaned like that. There was an British edition as well.

Cover of Neptune Rising by Jane Yolen

Neptune Rising

These stories and poems–some reprints–are all about the undersea folk. Mermaids, mermen, selchies, undines, merrows, the sea gods. Stories range from the tragic “The Lady and the Merman,” to the angry “The Undine,” to the terrifying “The Malaysian Mer.” Wiesner would win the Caldecott Medal a few years later.

Cover of Dream Weaver by Jane Yolen

Dream Weaver

A collection of my original stories, set within a framework in which an old blind weaver weaves “dreams” or tales for individuals who pay her. The final story is one she weaves for herself. Included among others are “The Pot Child” (which was a metaphoric answer to one critic who called my stories

Cover of Shape Shifters by Jane Yolen

Shape Shifters

This anthology has both original stories (including my much reprinted “Johanna,” about a girl who turns into a deer) and reprints. Weredogs, weredeer and werecockroaches abound. (Yes, I reprinted part of Kafka’s” Metamorphoses.”)

Cover of The Hundredth Dove by Jane Yolen

Hundredth Dove, The

Six of these seven fairy tales are totally original–“The Hundredth Dove,” “The Maiden Made of Fire,” “The Wind Cap,” “The White Seal Maid,” “The Promise,” “The Lady and the Merman.” The seventh, “Once A Good Man,” was based on an old story. This was the third collection of fairy tales I wrote

Cover of The Lady and the Merman by Jane Yolen

Lady and the Merman, The

This original fairy tale was first published in the magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction before joining others in my collection of HUNDREDTH DOVE and later NEPTUNE RISING. It is clearly autobiographical as I was always trying to please my father. There are 100 numbered and signed copies plus

Cover of Zoo 2000 Edited by Jane Yolen

Zoo 2000

This anthology of twelve stories of science fictional and fantasy beasts, includes two original stories (by Dale Ferguson Cope and Richard Curtis) and ten reprints by such luminaries as Theodore Sturgeon, Arthur C. Clarke, Larry Niven, James Thurber, Andre Norton, and Philip Jose Farmer. I contributed only the introduction.