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Cover of The Wild Hunt by Jane Yolen

Wild Hunt, The

Another dream-inspired book, this adventure with two very different boys, an enchanted house, a talking white cat, a bumptious dog, and the Wild Hunt itself, is really a gloss on the entire genre of fantasy. It may be the most seriously weird book I have ever written.

Cover of Wizard's Hall by Jane Yolen

Wizard’s Hall

Another book that started with a dream, this story predates the Harry Potter books by eight years. A young inept wizard who turns out to be in some ways the most powerful of them all, my hero is named Henry (not Harry) but renamed Thornmallow when he gets to the Wizard’s Hall. The Hall is a school,

Cover of Spaceships and Spells edited by Jane Yolen

Spaceships and Spells

Original stories by a variety of authors, including the first publication of my “The King’s Dragon.” Though the Introduction is signed by all three authors, I wrote it. And I chose all the stories and edited them. Marty did the business end of things.

Cover of Acorn Quest by Jane Yolen

Acorn Quest, The

An Arthurian spoof, with animals instead of people: King Earthor (an owl), Sir Belliful (a groundhog), Sir Tarryhere (a tortoise), Sir Gimmemore (a rabbit) Sir Runsalot (a mouse) and the Wizard Squirrelin. The knights and wizard go off to save the kingdom, sneak past a dragon, and finally manage

Cover of Robot and Rebecca and the Missing Owser by Jane Yolen

Robot and Rebecca and the Missing Owser, The

Published simultaneously in hardcover and paperback, this was the second (and alas, last) in the series of science fiction mysteries. I actually had written a lot of the third book when this particular line of Knopf books was declared dead. That’s publishing for you.

Cover of The Boy Who Spoke Chimp by Jane Yolen

Boy Who Spoke Chimp, The

A short science fiction novel about a runaway boy who catches a ride with a van delivering hand-signing chimps to a California lab. A big earthquake destroys the road, tips over the van, kills the driver, and boy and chimp have to make their way through a devastated countryside to San Francisco.

Cover of Uncle Lemon's Spring by Jane Yolen

Uncle Lemon’s Spring

This tall tale is based on some Stemple family history. My husband, David Stemple, was born and brought up inWest Virginia, up in the mountains, We had a number of family vacations there. He actually had an Uncle Lemon. David’s older brother Bill taught him to “fish for chickens.” FJ (for

Cover of Brothers of the Wind by Jane Yolen

Brothers of the Wind

A folk tale chapter book set in an unnamed Arabic country where a slave boy helps to raise and train a flying horse. This was Barbara Berger’s first book. She had been one of my students at Centrum and I introduced her to Ann Beneduce who started her on her very illustrious career.

Cover of Robot and Rebecca: The Mystery of the Code-Carrying Kids by Jane Yolen

Robot and Rebecca: The Mystery of the Code-Carrying Kids

This science fictional mystery was meant to be the beginning of a series. First publication was in a short-lived Random House book club edition illustrated by Deeter, then simultaneous hard/soft from Knopf with illustrator Obrist. I know that’s confusing. At least it confused me!