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Cover of Robot and Rebecca: The Mystery of the Code-Carrying Kids by Jane Yolen

Robot and Rebecca: The Mystery of the Code-Carrying Kids

This science fictional mystery was meant to be the beginning of a series. First publication was in a short-lived Random House book club edition illustrated by Deeter, then simultaneous hard/soft from Knopf with illustrator Obrist. I know that’s confusing. At least it confused me!

Cover of The Mermaid's Three Wisdoms by Jane Yolen

Mermaid’s Three Wisdoms, The

A deaf girl angry with having to wear a hearing aid and refusing to use signing meets a young mermaid thrust out of her community for disobeying their laws. Merfolk sign under the sea, so mergirl (who now has legs) and deaf girl can communicate. Together they rescue a beached dolphin, and

Cover of The Transfigured Hart by Jane Yolen

Transfigured Hart, The

A boy, a girl, and an albino deer who one special night becomes a unicorn. Some twenty years after it was a hardcover, the book came out in paperback. It was a Golden Kite honor book. It is now under option for the movies.

Cover of The Magic Three of Solatia by Jane Yolen

Magic Three of Solatia, The

This four-part fantasy novel reads like an expanded folk tale. There is a sea witch, a hero, a heroine, and a lot of magic. Patricia MacLachlan’s husband Bob claims that this is his favorite of my books. A Japanese edition came out in 1985, a Spanish edition in 1997.

Cover of Hobo Toad and the Motorcycle Gang by Jane Yolen

Hobo Toad and the Motorcycle Gang

A bouncing adventure with a rhyming trucker, a hitchhiking toad, a motorcycle gang, and a young hero. The book began when there was a toad migration and friends had an uncomfortable time driving along the road squishing toads. They made up a song which I used with their permission.

Cover of The Wizard of Washington Square by Jane Yolen

Wizard of Washington Square, The

A boy, a girl, a dog, an inept wizard, a nasty antiques dealer, a walking table, and a great white alligator. I set this in New York City’s Greenwich Village where my husband and I met and we lived for the first years of our marriage. It is a complete romp.

Cover of The Inway Investigators by Jane Yolen

Inway Investigators, The

My first real mystery for kids, based on the little town–Conway, Massachusetts–where we then lived. There had been a rash of pet thefts and this was my take on it. Allan Eitzen who did the cover and some interior illustrations would later illustrate my poetry anthology