Cover of Here There Be Unicorns by Jane Yolen

Here There Be Unicorns

Short stories and poems, all written by me and having to do with unicorns. Among the stories is the much reprinted “The Boy Who Drew Unicorns.” Each story and poem begins with a short introduction about how it came to be written.

“The Lady and the Garden” published in F&SF Magazine and Swedish magazine, Jules Verne Magasinet

The Here there Be… series


  • Book of the Month Club Selection December 1995

What reviewers have said:

  • “The majesty and mystery of these mythical beasts are explored in original stories and poems that draw on both Western and Eastern traditions and have strong heroines and heroes. Yolen prefaces each selection with a note that includes facts and folklore. Masterfully woven together are tales both romantic (“Unicorn Tapestry”) and humorous (“An Infestation of Unicorns”). “The Unicorn and the Pool” incorporates the legend of the creature’s horn as protection against poison and is a profoundly affecting allegory. The touch of the horn heals a traumatized child who has lost the desire to speak… Mature readers will appreciate the poetry, which is more abstract than, but reinforces, the stories. Yolen is adept at setting a scene and evoking emotions without being effusive, and readers will delight in her use of irony. ”—School Library Journal
  • “Yolen’s latest collection of stories and poetry on a single theme will appeal to unicorn lovers, to readers who enjoy tales based on old lore, and to teachers who want fine examples of fantasy to read aloud to their classes. All the selections are intriguing, but “Unicorn Tapestry,” the 50-word poem “The Promise,” and “De Natura Unicorni,” which contains the traditional themes associated with unicorn lore (healing, true goodness, and unqualified love), are particularly good. The poems, which are written in a variety of styles, including some that are quite challenging, are sure to generate interesting discussions about creative expression.”—Booklist
  • “(T)ales worthy of the Brothers Grimm…”—Science Fiction Chronicle
  • “Will delight the child in all of us.”—BookNet
  • “(T)his story is a must for read-aloud and storytelling repertories.”—The Book Report
  • “This is gold for your fantasy section.”—VOYA
  • “Here There Be Unicorns is a book for people who appreciate fine art and literature…If no one buys this book for you as a gift, spoil yourself with a copy.”—Star*Line